From raw material generation from all kinds of protein sources, their pre-treatment and texturisation, to the development of the final product, with a clear focus on the market.
Get access to the most complete protein texturisation plant in Europe and come into contact with the most cutting-edge technologies in the segment.


Plant-based, dry extrusion, wet extrusion, meat and fish analogues, hybrid products, 3D food printing… these are concepts that are repeated in the specialised media and that you have heard in any sector forum.

You are aware of the current protein crisis and that the agri-food industry, including the meat industry, needs to explore the texturisation segment to adapt its offer to the different experiences that the population demands: tasty, affordable, healthy and convenient food.


This training will be held in HYBRID FORMAT:

1 ONLINE SESSION (theory):

Wednesday, 31 January : 09.00h – 15.00h

2 ONSITE SESSIONS at 📍FUDin Alesón (practice):

Wednesday, 07 February | 09.00h – 17.00h

Thursday, 08 February | 09.00h – 17.00h

NOTE: Training limited to 15 participants.

But… Did you have the opportunity to come into direct contact with the different protein pre-treatment and texturisation technologies that exist?

Do you know which of them may best fit the product you are thinking of developing or the use of which protein source may interest you most?

Are you considering implementing any of these technologies, but you need to clear your doubts before deciding to make such an investment?

How to assess the texture, quality or marinade for a given texturised product?

Or maybe you want to understand in a definitive way how a complete texturisation process is structured, from the selection of raw materials, the pre-treatment of these proteins for subsequent texturisation, to the development of the final product, and the importance of its validation by the consumer and its market fit.

If as an executive of an agri-food company, you feel any of the following concerns as yours, this is the training you’ve been waiting for!
Check the programme and register as soon as possible to secure your place.

Who is it aimed at?

This course, due to its characteristics and market orientation, is aimed at managers in the agrifood industry (companies already working or wishing to work in the area of extrusion): CEOs, R&D&I managers, production managers, new product development managers and ingredient suppliers. In addition, the course represents an excellent opportunity to develop useful contacts and networking with people in the industry.

The organisers will review the registrants’ information for compatibility with the course content and objectives, and will give their final approval within 7 days from the date of registration. If the organisers do not communicate within this period, the registration will be considered approved. The course fee will be refunded in full in the event of non-approval.


Macarena Baylos

Business Development Manager
Higher Agricultural Engineer (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and Master's Degree in Business Administration for the Agri-Food Industry. More than 15 years working in food innovation and supporting agri-food companies to turn brilliant ideas into market-ready products through innovation; with the clear objective of: "translating into profitability for companies that which reaches consumers through sensory experiences".

Raúl Ansó Blanco

Project Manager
Graduate in Innovation in Food Processing and Products (University of Navarra) and PhD in Food Science and Technology (University of Lleida). Currently, he is technically leading the largest alternative protein project in Europe: "Being the first and only national technology centre to have the latest extrusion technologies and one of the few that can carry out pilot tests in Europe, we are leading the protein transition and working with unexplored sources of protein that have incredible technological potential".

Rafael López Vázquez

Technical Manager
Agricultural Engineer (Public University of Navarra) and PhD in Food Science and Technology (University of Lleida). Since 1996 working with the food industry: from food quality and safety to process engineering and R&D&I as a whole. Currently, in addition to leading the technical area of the Centre, opening new doors in R&D&I: digitalisation, digital twins and AI. "Innovation is the most effective commercial weapon for a company and the consumer is the engine of that innovation".


Pilot Plant Manager
Agricultural Engineer (University of Lleida) and Master in Marketing of Agri-Food Products (Università degli Studi di Parma). Since 2007, working closely with the food industry to learn first-hand about its processes and products. Since 2017, working in the field of extrusion, having been trained by professionals from pioneering companies such as the German Institute of Food Technology DIL or leading technology suppliers such as Bühler. "A widely versatile process that, combined with other technologies, is transforming the future of food; an unavoidable bet for companies".

Mª Elena Romero Melgosa

Head of Market & Consumer Knowledge Area
Degree in Chemistry (University of Zaragoza) and PhD in Chemistry (University of La Rioja). With extensive experience in the agri-food industry, she is currently working on the development of new products as a market opportunity, which represent a strategy for innovation and improvement of the profit and loss account of agri-food companies. Since 2018, he has worked to form the first expert panel in new textures of meat and fish analogues: "a key tool that validates R&D in protein texturisation through sensory parameters that guarantee success in the market".


Innovation Strategy Consultant
Specialist in foodtech, food retail, food delivery and all their areas of influence. Making companies grow, accompanying them in the strategy of adapting to market changes and new trends, and participating in market and consumer studies that guarantee the success of innovation in the market. "Firmly convinced of the need for organisations to tackle a change of mentality aimed at achieving efficient and profitable companies".



The deadline for registration is January 15th.




REGISTRATION CLOSES ON 15 JANUARY 2024 (late registrations may be accepted, provided we are able to process and receive payment in payment in time).
To reserve a place on this course, please fill in the registration form.
We will confirm your registration and send you an invoice for the registration fee. Fees must be paid before the course.


Fees will be refunded, minus a 15% handling fee, if participants cancel their registration before the closing date for registration. Fees will not be refunded after this date, but a substitute participant will be accepted at any time upon payment of a €100 processing fee. FUDin reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course if necessary (e.g. due to an insufficient number of registrations or due to unforeseen circumstances preventing the course from running). In such a case, the fees paid will be refunded in full. FUDin’s liability is limited to the registration fee only, and FUDin is not liable for travel costs, accommodation or other related expenses. If a course is rescheduled, participants will have the opportunity to apply 100% of their tuition to the rescheduled course or receive a full refund.