FUDin was born as the renewed face of Ctic Cita, a technology center dedicated for more than twenty years to meet the technical and research needs of the agri-food industry.

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions and high-value technological services to companies in the sector, and to accompany them in the development of new products, to increase success rates.

FUDin proposes  its own solid model of acceleration and innovation management, sustainable and profitable for companies, and it does so with a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team behind it.

We manage your company’s innovation with a 360-degree vision so that your new products and processes reach the market in a differential  way  and 100%  adapted  to  the  new  needs  that  the consumer demands, strengthening your turnover and your margins.


FUDin has 5 pilot plants in which we have implemented state-of-the-art technical processes, different extrusion technologies, which make it possible to obtain food by both dry and wet extrusion.

We can design and implement scalable formulas derived from R&D&I that allow companies to develop their own products from very diverse protein sources (cereals, legumes, insects, algae, mushrooms, animal protein, etc.) with different textures, cuts, or seasonings.

Meat processing
IV and V Range
Microbiology lab
Physic-chemical lab
Industrial kitchen
Show cooking
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