From niche to mainstream – alternative proteins for everybody and everywhere

LIKE-A-PRO (Project Number: 101083961) aims to facilitate sustainable and healthy diets by moving the most promising protein food products from being simply part of a niche to mainstream consumption, for all population groups, in urban, peri-urban and rural areas.

European consumers are showing a growing interest in the inclusion of alternative proteins in their diets as a viable and sustainable alternative to conventional animal-based foods.

The growing attraction of consumers to such products is seen as the perfect pathway to a more sustainable and healthier European diet.

However, to date, animal-based products contribute around 67% of protein intake, representing an essential part of our diet.

While consumer willingness to reduce animal protein consumption is more than evident, more efforts are needed to facilitate and accelerate the protein switch, offering a wide range of possibilities that will appeal to even the most reluctant consumer.

LIKE-A-PRO Project

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